Harassment & Discrimination Policy

Introduction and Policy

The purpose of this policy is to promote the equality of opportunity afforded to each employee, potential employee or past employee of the company, irrespective of matters relating to their Sex, Race, Disability, Religion, Beliefs, Age or Sexual Orientation.

Harassment and discrimination can cause the victim unnecessary distress, anxiety and stress. It can take many forms, such as telephoning or texting, inappropriate joking or propositioning. Bullying may well amount to harassment and is generally an inappropriate means of communicating including threatening, making unreasonable demands, or embarrassing or belittling anyone. It is illegal and will not be tolerated within our business. Allstaff Employment wishes to promote a sense of dignity between employees and will be supportive of any employee who believes that their treatment by any employee contravenes this policy.

Allstaff Employment will ensure that the management of its internal and temporary staff along with all permanent job seekers is based around a non- discriminatory, open and honest relationship.

Selection criteria and procedures are intended to ensure that individuals are selected, promoted and remunerated only on the basis of their relevant merits, abilities and actual or potential to the business.

Our policy applies to all Directors, Managers and staff of the company together with all those working directly or indirectly for the company as well as all 3rd party suppliers dealing with the company.

Harassment can be defined as any unwanted conduct of a sexual nature or any other conduct based on gender, race, creed, disability or any other distinguishing qualities affecting the dignity of either women or men in the work place. The following could be deemed as harassment/discrimination;

  • Denying, directly or indirectly, an employee an employment opportunity because they refuse to comply with a sexually orientated request
  • Indecent exposure
  • Visual display of offensive posters or pictures
  • Suggestive, insulting or obscene comments including comments about an individual’s body, sexual prowess or sexual orientation
  • Ongoing “banter” focused on gender, race, religion or disability that the recipient deems to be offensive
  • Any actions of the above nature committed through the medium of computer, email, internet or mobile phone

Such behaviour is unacceptable in the work place and in all work related settings outside the workplace (e.g. Work social events, client events or business travel).Where proven it will be construed as an act of gross misconduct for which an employee would be penalised and could be dismissed. 

Our Responsibilities

All managers have direct responsibility towards all of their staff to uphold Allstaff Employments policy and to maintain the required standard of professional conduct between colleagues working within our business. Complaints made to a manager will be dealt with quickly and sensitively and it is the manager’s responsibility to ensure that the employee affected by the harassment is protected against any form of victimisation involving the complaint.


All employees have the right not to be harassed or discriminated against and they have the right to complain should it occur. It may be possible to stop some forms of harassment by asking the guilty party to stop, making it clear that the behaviour is unwelcome. In more difficult or embarrassing instances it may be more suitable for another staff member, branch manager or the business owner to tackle the guilty party. In this instance it is more probable that the complaint will be dealt with more formally.

All formal complaints of harassment or discrimination should be put in writing to the Branch Manager/Director. All complaints and subsequent inquiries are treated with the strictest of confidence with only the parties involved and any possible witness involved in any proceedings. The person called upon to investigate the complaint will call a meeting of all parties within 14 days of the complaint being received. The matter will be treated as a formal grievance and the procedure followed will be laid out in our company grievance procedure.  

Any employee will be protected from victimisation for being involved in or making a complaint of harassment or discrimination and any individual found to be victimising another will be subject to Allstaff Employments disciplinary policy. The Branch Manager or Business Owner will carry out those investigations promptly, independently and objectively. Full details will be recorded and all parties will be given the opportunity to present their case. Those parties involved in/affected by the actual alleged harassment may be suspended on full pay during any investigations.

Where investigation results in a complaint being upheld, cases of harassment/discrimination will be treated as disciplinary offences with penalties as laid out in Allstaff Employments disciplinary procedure. These include loss of commissions and or the possibility of dismissal. In certain circumstances (e.g. Assault) acts of harassment may additionally give rise to civil or criminal prosecution. The company will take all necessary steps to ensure that the discrimination/harassment ceases and may arrange for training to take place.

A copy of the investigation report and the final decision is included in the personnel file of the respondent ONLY if the final decision maker concludes that the individual engaged in prohibited conduct. No record of the complaint will be kept in the COMPLAINANTS file unless the complaint was found to be reckless, frivolous or vexatious. The files will be kept securely locked away in the accounts office.

Discrimination law extends to many areas of our companies operations such as Recruitment, Advertising, Promotion and Retirement. It is therefore possible for the discrimination to occur in relation to those who are not employees of the company such as, a Job Applicant or a former employee. This policy seeks to prevent inadvertent discrimination by our company. If any employee believes that any Policy, Practice, Procedure or set Criteria is in any way discriminatory they should raise the issue immediately with their line Manager.

The company will seek information in relation to any employee’s/future employee’s disability. Disability has a legal definition and it is therefore not necessary for the individual to be registered as disabled in order to qualify as disabled for legal purposes. The law defines disability as a long term, mental or physical impairment that has a substantial effect on the individual’s day- to- day activities. Any employee who believes that they may suffer from a disability should disclose that fact to their line manager immediately.

The company will take all reasonable steps to ensure that any employee’s disability is alleviated in their workplace. This may involve the company making adjustments to the physical environment in which the employee works by making adaptations and/or purchasing equipment to assist the employee’s in carrying out their duties.


This policy is written in order to protect individuals and to foster a working environment for all individuals to enjoy. Each employee has signed this policy and by doing so is confirming their commitment to ensuring a harmonious working environment for all staff.


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